Divyabodhanam – May 2015

Oommenvarghese_may_2015Divyabodhanam class for May 2015 was held today and the message was given by Mr. Oommen Varghese.

The Epistle to the Ephesians

Ephesus was the most important city in Western Asia Minor (now Turkey). It was a commercial centre in the first century.   St. Paul made Ephesus a centre for evangelism. The letter of Paul to the Ephesians has become the indispensable key to the interpretation of the underlying pattern of Paul’s faith.

The letter to the Ephesians is a marvellously concise, yet comprehensive, summary of the Christian good news and its implications. Nobody can read it without being moved to wonder and worship, and challenged to consistency of life.

A new and better society has been the constant dream of men and women. Responding to this dream, many theologians have attracted back again and again by Paul’s letter to the young church at Ephesus. It portrays a new society of Christ’s making that stands out in bright relief against our colourless world of oppression, heartache, separation and division. The main theme of this epistle is to unite all things in Christ, by uniting his church and breaking down all that separates us from God, one ethnic group from another, husband from wife, parent from child, master from slave. Paul’s insights are for all who want to build the church into the new society God has planned it to be.

Oommen Varghese

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