vicarBut as for me, I will come into your house, in the full measure of your mercy; and in your fear I will give worship, turning my eyes to your holy Temple.”    Psalms 5:7

Even in modern times, biblical passages continue to be upheld by Christian families as revered sources of spiritual guidelines that enrich our lives.  A few such principles relevant to our communication with God can be drawn from the above verse.  In this context, it is significant that we formulate and refresh our views on:

Our acknowledgement of the mercies of God
Our outlook towards the Church
Our perception about worship

All these are very briefly but quite clearly reflected in the above verse. While it is important that we always display humility in our relationship with fellow human beings, it is all the more essential that we remain truly humble in the presence of God and gain full acceptance of our prayers and worship.

We shall remember the three main aspects that nurture the effectiveness of our prayers and worship.

Consciousness about the abundant Grace of God

We are able to lead our normal lives only because of the mercies we continuously receive from Lord Almighty.  We seldom realise the presence of His invisible and caring hands that protect us and provide us with all our needs. Our capabilities, achievements, strengths and skills are nothing but gifts from God. Even David, the most powerful king of Israel, openly declared his gratitude for the abundant mercies and blessings he received from God. Grateful awareness of these many gifts should continue to be in our thoughts during our prayer and worship.

‘What do you have you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it’.      1 Cor. 4:7

Acceptance of the Temple of God as His abode

The Church is the Holy of Holies. King David longed to build a Temple of God. The expression of his keen desire was evident in his Psalms. He cherished and protected the Tabernacle, which he always carried with him throughout his journey. As we read in the Bible, Cherubs and Seraphs who assembled there brightened the Temple of God. We should faithfully and in piety, believe in the powerful presence of God in His House where we come together to worship.

Worship with Fear and Trembling

‘Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him’. King David, through his many verses in Psalms, teaches us this virtue. It is necessary that we totally and unconditionally submit ourselves to God with love and dedication. Our hearts and minds shall be filled with fear during our prayers and worship, when we are truly in the presence of Almighty God. Our worship is complete only when we adore Him with fear and piety.

May the intercession of Our Holy Mother Mary strengthen our faith in prayers and worship. May the Lord God Almighty hear and accept our prayers.
May our prayers bear good fruits.

– Rev Fr. Jithin Joy Mathew