The Divyabodhanam, established in 1984 under the guidance of the late HH Baselius Marthoma Mathews I and with the initiative of the late Metropolitan Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios, is a theological training program designed for the laity within the Church.

The primary objective of Divyabodhanam is to impart knowledge about basic Orthodox beliefs and practices, enabling individuals to construct an authentic Christian lifestyle amid contemporary challenges. The program seeks to prepare participants to confront the prevailing challenges, ideologies, and issues of the time, fostering a Christian mindset characterized by profound faith and unwavering trust in God.

Moreover, Divyabodhanam encourages lay leaders to engage actively in the spiritual organizations of the Church at both parish and diocesan levels. It plays a crucial role in supporting Christian parents and families, ensuring the proper care and nurturing of the upcoming generation in accordance with authentic Christian values.

Classes convene on the first Sunday of each month, and individuals seeking additional information are encouraged to reach out to Mr. Oommen Varghese, the coordinator. 

Meet our team

Mr. Oommen Varghese