Ministry to bring together students with a view to deepening their spiritual life and to create in them a livelier sense of fellowship.

Moto is “Worship, Study and Service”

The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) originated in 1908 from the Syrian Student Conference in Madras, India, formed by Orthodox high school and university students. Initially focused on promoting a structured spiritual and holistic life, the organization adopted the name MGOCSM in 1960 in honor of the blessed Parumala Mar Gregorios. Over the years, MGOCSM has grown nationally, establishing units in Indian Orthodox churches and evolving into a dynamic and vibrant movement actively involving youth in the church community.


Through regular prayer meetings and engaging events, we actively nurture our faith, ensuring it becomes unwavering over time.

Community Engagement

We organize diverse events, from fundraisers and Sunday School sessions to inter-church sports, fostering connections within and outside the Orthodox community, strengthening relationships.

Youth Empowerment

Our mission centers on understanding and addressing the challenges faced by our youth, hosting discussions and conferences to translate the divine words of Christ into their daily lives, empowering them to confidently apply the Orthodox faith in our world.

Meet our team

Akshita Naveen

Joint Secretary

Edwin Samuel

Joint Secretary