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Greetings to all!

Both the Old and New testaments of the Bible are full of amazing testimonials about the ‘HAND of GOD’.

The old testament tells us of the ‘Hand of God’, making man out of mud and creating the whole universe. 

However we also find the same Hand taking the lives of many who did not follow ‘the laws of living’.

That Hand is seen to be blessing one nation – Israel; while kindling wars in others.

Coming to the time of Christ, the promised messiah.

We can see the very Hand working through Jesus Christ our Lord: 

  • Healing the illness of Peter’s mother-in-law;
  • Giving sight to the blind;
  • Curing the bleeding disorder in a woman;
  • Straightening the bent woman;
  • Touching the leper and making him whole again;
  • Giving life to the dead.

We see the Hand of God also acting as an exorcist, freeing people who were possessed by evil spirits. 

We also see the Hand of God performing numerous other miracles.

Allow me to conclude by saying how lucky we are to know and feel the Hand of God in our lives. Many wanted to be in the place that we are in, but only we were selected. 

We all are “called”  to serve God, in different ways, to be the Hand of God:

  • to sustain life
  • to heal the sick
  • to comfort  the depressed
  • to feed the hungry
  • to wipe away tears, and replace it with smiles
  • to be an exorcist of bad spirits and negativity
  • to perform miracles for others with a smile

All we need to do is, keep our radars ‘open to God’.

May the ‘Hand of God’ work through each one of us !

fr. nikhil alex tharakan