Sunday School

Education program typically held on Sundays, primarily for children and teenagers. It helps young individuals gather to learn about the principles, teachings, and stories of christian faith. This is a spiritual organisation functioning in all the parishes of the Orthodox Church throughout the world. It takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ and His Church.

The Sunday School holds a pivotal role as a significant Spiritual Organization within our church community. Its primary objective is to foster the spiritual development of our children, ensuring they do not lag behind in their upbringing. Recognizing that spiritual growth is a lifelong journey, the Sunday School serves as a foundational platform for successful integration into various spiritual activities, ultimately shaping each individual into an exemplary Christian.

Tailored classes

The Sunday School is structured into classes, organized according to age groups, and each group adheres to a specific curriculum designed for each year. Our academic year spans from February to November, culminating in annual exams at the conclusion of each year.

Experienced teachers

Our Sunday School is blessed with a dedicated team of experienced teachers who bring passion, wisdom, and a wealth of spiritual knowledge to the classrooms. These seasoned educators play a crucial role in guiding our students on their spiritual journey. With their wealth of experience, our Sunday School teachers inspire and empower the next generation, ensuring a rich and meaningful educational experience for all.

Learning with fun

Our innovative approach combines valuable lessons with interactive activities, ensuring that learning is not only educational but also fun. Through games, storytelling, and creative projects, we strive to create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere that captivates young minds, fostering a love for spiritual growth in every child. Sunday School becomes a place where laughter and learning go hand in hand, creating lasting memories on their journey of faith.

Meet our team

Mrs. Rusha Cherian


Mrs. Sumi Rachel Sunny

Staff Secretary